Jagr -- Frostfyre's Stanley Pup
Jagr Jagr is a Bernese Mountain Dog, and is AKC registered as Frostfyre's Stanley Pup. He is named after Jaromir Jagr, number 68, of the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins.

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Frostfyre's Stanley Pup, aka Jagr was born on May 24, 1994 (sire: Ch. Frostfyre's Mark O' Distinction; Dam: Silbertahl's Moonlight Sonata). He was purchased for $500.00 on June 13, 1994.
Dr. Erickson, Ralston Veterinary Clinic. Ralston, Nebraska. Jagr was neutered on August 17, 1995 at a cost of $55.00. Jagr had his hips x-rayed on November 13, 1997.
Jagr started out on Nutro Max's "red bag", but had loose stools so was switched to Iams (I don't remember which one). Now, at 95 lbs, he's on Prescription Diet's Canine WD.
Scariest moment:
A few days after being brought to his new home, Jagr thought he'd do his "bird dog" imitation and jumped from a four feet high rock retaining wall. A little shaken up, but no harm done.
 Dumbest move #1:
Anxious to go for a ride, Jagr tried to jump in the back of the Explorer before the lift gate was open all the way. I heard a loud "thud", looked down and he was shaking his head.

Dumbest Move #2:
Once, while walking in a city park, Jagr was trying to smell a bag that was frozen in the lake about two feet below the sidewalk. Well, it smelled good enough that Jagr wanted a closer look, so he jumped onto the ice. However, being early March, the ice wasn't very thick and he went straight through, and was thoroughly surprised!

Jagr loves to go hiking in the woods. Some of his favorite haunts are: Hitchcock Nature Area (just north of Crescent, IA); Platte River State Park (near Louisville, NE), and Indian Cave State Park (near Brownsville, NE). Jagr has his very own backpack (he can carry his own damn water), and went on his first backpacking trip in July, 1998. Pictures from the trip can be found at http://www.elftmann.com/medicinebow1998/.

Jagr's backpack is from Nordkyn Outfitters: http://www.nordkyn.com/
 Favorite Time of Year:
Jagr's favorite time of year is the winter, followed by fall. It's just too darn hot in the summer and too wet in the spring. Jagr regularly hikes in one of the parks previously mentioned unless it's raining, above 80 degrees (fahrenheit), or below 10 degrees (not even the squirrels are moving about...).
Pictured here is Jagr's sister, Millie. Millie was originally known as Sunny, and knew more about posing for the camera than Jagr did at the same age.
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